Vanquish Your Fat With Inch Vanquish


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Most of us have them despite all our efforts.

Belly fat!!! Muffin top!!! Love handles!!!

These are some of the most stubborn areas to get rid of. People have tried to eliminate them by having super-low calories diet to signing up multiple gym packages at the start of new-year. From hundreds of abdominal crunches in addition to countless hours of doing abdominal planks.

Yes, we have all done that.

Fret no more! Vanquish BTL is the latest fat-busting treatment. It is the only FDA-approved contactless lipolysis (breakdown of fats) treatment in the market that utilises radiofrequency to permanently vanquish belly fat (pun intended).

Currently, it is the only “fat-destroying” procedure that is able to treat the largest surface area with one session and one “applicator”.

It is also approved to be used in other areas, such as flanks, upper arms, thighs.

Vanquish is literally painless as there is no skin contact with the device. Patients often describe the feeling as being heated with warm pad. They can read magazine or do work on the tablets or iPads whilst being treated with vanquish BTL.

Vanquish help to treat those stubborn areas that just don’t go away with diet and exercise alone.

How does it work?During each treatment session, patient can lie comfortably on a bed while the device is set just right above the treated area.

Once the thermal radiofrequency energy is delivered during the treatment, it heats the underlying fat to 120 degrees whilst sparing the skin. The fat cells are permanently destroyed during the course of the treatment. Over the next several weeks, the lymphatic system eliminates the dead fat cells, naturally flushing away excess fat.

Am I a candidate for Vanquish?Vanquish can be used for both men and women who desire a reduction in circumference of the tummy and thigh area. It is not meant to be used as weight loss treatment for people who are overweight.

The advantage of Vanquish BTL is that even people with higher BMI respond, hence there is no BMI limitation.

Is there any downtime?Most patients do not experience any downtime post-treatment. However, there are some patients who may experience slight redness around the treated area which normally subside after a few hours post-treatment.

The skin may feel slightly warm and tender but will disappear soon afterwards.

Do I need more than 1 session?Yes. Even though some patients reported result after the first session, recommended number of treatment for each treated area is 4 times spaced 7-10 days apart.

What are the results like?Patients can expect a reduction of about 1 pant size for abdominal area or 1 inch of upper arms circumference after 4 to 6 sessions.

Are the results permanent?Yes, when these fat cells are destroyed, they are permanently removed from the body. However, cells left untreated may contribute to more fat if the patients are to gain weight.

So, Why Vanquish BTL again?


Non-invasiveContactless and virtually painlessTreat large area in 1 single procedureNo BMI limitationMinimal or no downtimeEasy and comfortable fat reductionPermanently remove fat from the body


How effective is Vanquish BTL?Many studies regarding the results of Vanquish BTL have been published. The initial study showed that on average patients reported a loss of 4.9 cm off their waist size (some even reported up to 13 cm loss). The most recent study published in late 2017 showed that even after 4 years post-treatment, most of the patients are able to maintain a minimum of 4.5 cm loss of their waist size.


Again, there is no replacing healthy lifestyle in maintaining your weight and this treatment is not meant to be a weight-loss treatment. Always get a proper evaluation before deciding if it is the right treatment for you.


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