The Importance of Cleansing Correctly


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Did you know your facial skin is constantly exposed to bacteria, pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells on a daily basis? Daily facial washing removes these impurities to keep the skin clean and fresh and replenishes lost hydrating elements, in turn allowing other products to penetrate the skin much more easily.

However, besides using cleansing wipes and skin cleanser, it is important to deep cleanse your skin regularly. What this means is to ensure the confined layers of the epidermis is cleansed thoroughly to prevent clogged pores, bacterial infections or pigmentation.

One of our favourite amongst our customers is the Her World Spa Awards 2017 Best Deep Cleansing treatment (Readers’ Choice) – Aqua Shine Facetherapy. This is a gold standard treatment where it uses a diamond-tipped device to suck out deep lying dirt and exfoliate the dead skin to reveal smooth skin. A gentle, meticulous manual extraction follows, unclogging pores and working to keep breakouts at bay. Once the skin is completely clean, our therapists will infuse your skin with Prive Skinworks’ Triple Growth Factors – enriched with proteins that promises to stimulate cell growth and reduce the appearance of signs of ageing. Seal off the treatment with a nourishing mask and walk out with a clean and bright looking skin.

While regular cleansing is important, there are some common mistakes that many of our customers face in their daily skincare routines:

Over-cleansing the skin – Washing the face too many times instead of the recommended twice a day may lead to very dry skin.Harsh cleansers – Cleansers with harsh ingredients such as acid-based cleansers may irritate the skin and strip the skin’s natural barrier.Cleansing device – Overusing a cleansing device can lead to excessive dryness, redness, irritation and broken capillaries, especially so for those with sensitive skin types.

Over-exfoliating the skin can result in free-radical damage and premature skin ageing, destroying healthy skin cells.Interested to find out more, email us today for a one-on-one consultation.

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