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Summer is here! Don’t we all wish we could flaunt our beautiful beach bodies and saunter across the warm glittering sand?

But alas, there is always this particular area of fat that we just cannot seem to get rid of. Argh!

The general consensus among fitness experts and researchers is that reduction of specific fat tissue area is a myth. There are thousands of articles on google that tell you that the only way to lose fat is through proper diet and exercise, and that fat is lost from the entire body rather than on specific areas.

Well… is this really true?

Today, we are here to say that this is FALSE!!!

Indeed, no amount of crunches or sit-ups is going to make your belly fat go away. You can spend hours after hours running on the treadmill and the last bit of a stubborn bulge will still be there.

However, with the advancement of technology and science, spot reduction of fat is possible. In fact, it is easy and requires little to no effort at all. Just take an hour’s nap and the fat will be miraculously gone! Sounds too good to be true? Not at all!


How then?


Before we let you in on our little secret, you have to first understand what fats are made of. There are 2 factors that play a part in a person’s body fat percentage – the number of fat cells and the size of those fat cells. The goal of most diets and exercise is to shrink fat cells to their bare minimum, thus de-bulking the appearance of surface fats. However, the problem with this is that it does not actually destroy the number of fat cells!


For a long time, the only proven method of destroying fat cells is through liposuction, a surgical process whereby fats are manually removed from your body. However, with the advancement of medical technology, non-surgical liposuction becomes a viable option today. Besides manual removal, fat cells can also be destroyed in 2 ways – extreme heat or extreme cold. These extreme conditions break down fat cells into fatty acids which can then be metabolised by the body and eliminate through our lymphatic system.


Won’t we get burnt or get frost bites in the process then?

The answer is No.


In the next section, we shall discuss Cryoliposis, otherwise known as Fat Freezing, the process of eliminating fat through extreme cold. To read more about “melting fats” through Radio Frequency (heat energy approach), click [here].

“Fat Freeze” is commonly done on the following areas:


In the market, there are many different brands for “Fat Freezing”. The most well-known ones are Coolsculpt by Zeltiq as they were first to come up with this technology and Z Combi by Zimmer due to its effective two-prong approach. Privé currently carries both brands – we believe they are both great options and each have strength in their own areas.


1. CoolSculpt by Zeltiq and is made in the United States while Z Combi by Zimmer is made in Germany.

2. Z Combi treatment at Prive Aesthetics combines both Z Lipo (Fat Freezing) and Z Wave (Shockwave Therapy) together to get you the results you desire while CoolSculpt only uses Fat Freezing technology.

3. Z Lipo uses two handpieces simultaneously while CoolSculpting uses just one. The Z Lipo handpiece begins with a pulsed vacuum suctioning to further break down the fat cells before the freezing begins.

To read more about Coolsculpt, click [here]

To read more about Z Combi, refer below!

What is Z Combi?

Privé’s aesthetics professionals designed a treatment that is tested and proven by our customers, known as Z Combi. It is a revolutionary 2-prong body contouring treatment that combines fat reduction and cellulite therapy


Z Combi = Z Lipo + Z Wave


Fat freezing with Z Lipo


Z Lipo destroys fat cells by targeting the subcutaneous fat layer – the layer that lies just under the skin – and cools them down to -10°C in a controlled manner. Utilizing the fat-freezing technology, the fat deposit of that targeted area is destroyed, but the surrounding nerves, tissue and the surface of the skin are not damaged. The body will naturally remove the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system over the next few weeks. The results will be visibly noticeable 3-5 weeks after the treatment.


How it works:


In some cases, a sudden and dramatic decrease in fat volume would cause little dimples in the skin called Cellulite. Z Lipo is best used in combination with Z Wave, a shockwave treatment therapy to target loose skin.

Firm and Tighten with Z Wave


Z Wave is a unique form of treatment which uses radial shockwave therapy. It produces a mechanical pressure wave that radiates from the skin to the tissue. The mechanical energy is absorbed by the tissue, which triggers improvements in rebuilding of connective tissues, skin collagen structure and blood circulation. Significant improvements have been reported across clinical studies in which collagen fibres are stimulated and strengthened. With this painless and non-invasive treatment, it is possible to treat cellulite quickly, gently and effectively without any side effect.

Z Wave also increases fat cells metabolism, which helps eliminate fat from the body faster. When used in combination with Z Lipo, results have been scientifically-proven that a 30% reduction in fat can be achieved in just a single session! With the combination of Z Lipo and Z Wave, Z Combi has shown to be as effective as any other current fat reduction techniques in the market, if not more so. A slim and svelte figure is just a step away!


For a limited time only, enjoy Z Combi at a promotional rate of just $300 per applicator. Click on the banner below to sign up today!

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