Privé Skinworks Pure Anti-acne Lotion


Size: 25ml

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A powerful solution that quickly clears up serious acne, such as comedones and inflammatory lesions. It is formulated with 4 active ingredients that counteract all main causes of acne to thoroughly control and prevent blemishes.


Directions: Apply 2-3 times daily on affected areas.


Privé Skinworks Pure Anti-acne range


Privé Skinworks Pure Anti-acne range is specially formulated with 4 powerful acne-fighting Active Ingredients that treats leading causes of acne synergistically. Our unique formula contains ingredients that are clinically proven to treat acne effectively:


• lowers the pH of skin, in turn reducing excessive oil production
• prevents pores from getting clogged
• suppresses bacterial inflammation


• acts directly on P.acnes bacteria to stop bacterial colonization


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