Lightening Wash


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This mild wash cleanses skin perfectly in the gentlest possible way without drying and irritating. It dissolves keratin, purifies and keeps skin free of dirt and grime responsible for many major skin problems.


It also helps to balance the biological equilibrium of skin’s functions, thus helping skin defend itself against external aggressions such as pollution. Day after day, skin appears more youthful and the complexion becomes fairer and more radiant.



Mulberry Root Extract

The root extracts of the mulberry plant has strong skin brightening properties. It plays an important role in preventing the production of skin pigments (sun spots, freckles, pigmentation), melanin that can be caused by exposure to sun or hormonal changes.


Carica Papaya Fruit Extract

Papaya fruit contains an exfoliating enzyme called papain that may help gently break down the bonds that hold dead cells to the surface of the skin.


Hydrolysed Wheat Germ Proteins

A skin-conditioning agent that moisturises skin and helps bind water in the tissues, resulting in dermal hydration.



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