Calecim Professional Serum


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CALECIM Professional Serum is a powerful, skin recovery serum formulated with 80% concentration of stem cell proteins. It repairs, soothes, heals and rejuvenates damaged skin, while strengthening the skin barrier and restoring skin elasticity for youthful skin.


Calecim Serum is a cell-free Umbilical Cord Extract that restores the skins healthy appearance, firmness and elasticity.


It consists of the full complement of proteins that are generated by umbilical cord lining cells. Creating a perfect media for skin health.



Calecim Serum is backed by clinical studies to improve cell regeneration by 42% in 7 days, and reduce wound healing downtime by 50%. Developed by Scientist and trusted by doctors worldwide, it is approve for sale in Singapore by licensed clinics only.



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