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Zcombi combines 2 technologies –  Z Lipo Fat Freezing and Z Wave Shockwave Therapy for fast and effective fat loss. Zlipo utilises the fat-freezing technology to cool down the target area to ‒10°C. The temperature is controlled strictly, and the surrounding tissue is not affected. The fat deposit is destroyed, but the surrounding nerves, tissue and the surface of the skin are not damaged. Over the following 10-12 weeks after the treatment, the body will remove the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system. The results will be noticed 3-5 weeks after the treatment. Zwave is a unique form of treatment which uses radial shockwave therapy. It produces a mechanical pressure wave that radiates from the skin to the tissue. Zwave is a treatment for skin tightening, giving you smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking skin.


1 session = 1 applicator. Multiple applicators per area may be needed depending on individual condition.


Contact us  at https://wa.me/6596565380 for other enquiries or to book an appointment for a non-obligatory complimentary consultation.


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Number of sessions

Trial – Special Price, 1 session, 6 sessions, 10 sessions


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