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EMSCULPT uses a non-invasive HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology that penetrates the skin to impact muscle tissue as well as belly fat. This FDA-approved, non-invasive, electromagnetic procedure is the first and only body sculpting procedure for men and women that simultaneously builds muscle and burn fat.

The energy induces almost 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session (similar to doing 20,000 pull-up or sit-up exercises), something that can’t be achieved through voluntary contractions (i.e. exercising at the gym.) All this happens while you are lying on a bed during treatment. When muscle tissue is exposed to the high level of supramaximal contractions, it causes the muscles to release chemicals that tell fat cells in that area to break down. Being forced to adapt, it responds with a deep remodeling of the inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning.


According to studies done across seven independent multi-centre in the USA, Emsculpt can effectively remove approximately 19% of fat in the treatment area, and at the same time increase muscle mass by 16%.


1 session = 2 applicators. Contact us  at https://wa.me/6596565380 for other enquiries or to book an appointment for a non-obligatory complimentary consultation!

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Trial – Special Price, 1 session, 8 sessions, 15 sessions


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