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What is Laser Hair Rejuvenation?

Laser Hair Rejuvenation is an effective treatment that uses a helmet-like device. Utilizing low level laser therapy (LLLT), it emits a specific wavelength of light onto the scalp to help with new hair growth.


How does Laser Hair Rejuvenation works?

Low-Level Laser Therapy is also referred to as ‘cold’ laser, so it does not burn your scalp or skin. The Laser light produces a specific wavelength of 650-670nm to stimulate the hair follicle cells. The LED light uses a broader beam of gentle light energy to cover a wider area of the scalp.


By combining the laser and LED, it aims to stimulate biophysical repair and new blood that improves hair growth and resolves hair fall issues. It is especially helpful for those suffering from thinning hair or a large amount of hair fall.


Backed by a strong base of clinical research, red light treatments are known to help increase hair count, hair density and hair thickness for both men and women. The stimulating effect on the dermal papilla cells plays a big role in the regulation of the hair growth cycle. This results in revitalized and nourished hair follicles.


Benefits of Laser Hair Rejuvenation:

  1. Painless, efficient and effective hair growth treatment process
  2. Suitable for those suffering from androgeneticalopecia (genetic-based hair thinning/loss)
  3. No chemicals, UV rays or excess heat
  4. Quality laser and LED light therapy
  5. Safe and natural option
  6. Prevents and reverses hair loss
  7. Improves hair count, density, strength and thickness
  8. Reduces shredding of hair
  9. Compatible with other treatments for optimal results

Is Laser Hair Rejuvenation Safe?

Laser Hair Rejuvenation is safe and effective, and is suitable for both men and women. It is clinically tested and FDA cleared. In 2 separate published peer-reviewed clinical studies, it was reported that there was increased hair count by 35% in males and 37% in females in 16 weeks to help stop hair loss.  


Can I do Laser Hair Rejuvenation with Hair Fillers?

Yes, it is often used to complement hair fillers to help stimulate blood, oxygen and nutrients to the targeted area. This enhances and boosts the results of hair filler.


Laser Hair Rejuvenation and topicals perform well together

At Privé, we recommend a holistic approach to managing hair loss. Aside from Laser Hair Rejuvenation, we will customize a unique three-dimensional hair care process which includes clinically proven hair supplements and topical products. These products and treatments work together to nourish and strengthen hair follicles from the inside for thicker, and healthier hair.


How soon will I be able to see results?

Like most treatments, it varies according to individuals. Most people notice an improvement within 3 – 6 months. For longer lasting results, we recommend taking up our customized three-dimensional combination treatment.