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Scarlet Lite

Scarlet Lite is the new frontier in volumetric facial tightening and rejuvenation
Being the first in Singapore to offer Scarlet Lite, this treatment helps remodel collagen and elastin to achieve the benefits of reduced wrinkles and acne scars along with improved skin laxity and texture. Developed by Korea’s leading D. Na Jongju, Scarlet Lite delivers energy directly to the lower layers of the dermis using fractional microneedle RF technology. You can expect new collagen levels to be generated and your skin laxity improves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is minimal downtime. After treatment there may be some swelling and redness, which should subside within an hour. Some micro-crusting may occur, particularly in the lateral cheek area and usually lasts 3-7 days.
There are no known risks inherent to this type of treatment. Potential side effects include mild pigmentary changes, micro-crusting and mild acne. These are all temporary and usually last only for a few days.
3 treatments done one month apart is the recommended protocol, our doctors may customise a personal treatment plan for you.
Depending on skin condition, results typically last 12-18 months
Topical anaesthetic and premedication will be prescribed to reduce discomfort. Our patients have found the treatment very tolerable.