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Anti-aging & Skin Tightening Treatments

Did you know that the process of skin ageing begins as early as in your 20s? The signs gradually become more noticeable over time and it can make you look more tired, upset or sad.

There are 3 factors that causes skin to age and we can categorise it as: biological ageing, environmental ageing and mechanical ageing.

As our biological clock ticks, our skin gradually loses its ability to function well. There are treatments and products that can help prevent free radical damage, decreasing the intensity and delay the changes that result due to biological ageing.

Environmental ageing occurs as a result of daily exposure of free radical from a variety of sources such as the sun’s UV rays, pollution, smoke and external stress. These free radicals limit the ability of cells to function, resulting in the premature aging of the skin such as wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone, dark spots and a rough, dry skin texture.

Mechanical ageing is the result of continually repeated wrinkle causing behaviours such as smiling, frowning and squinting.

Non-invasive Skin Tightening and Firming

You can opt for non-invasive treatments that has no downtime such as Accent VShape, Elite Facelift, Elite Ultra 360, Legacy Facelift, Refirme ST and Scarlet Lite to tighten loose skin and restore your youth.

Accent VShape employs the use of focused concentrated energy technology allowing for safe and deep heating of tissues at various depths of penetration. This technology operates via a single electrode delivering concentrated RF energy that reaches deeper layers of the skin with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Award-winning Elite Facelift utilises RF technology to help stimulate skin’s collagen network to improve elasticity. Patients will feel both warm and cooling sensations when the device glides over the treatment areas, varying its temperature to target areas at different depths. An ideal treatment for those looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and tighten loose skin on the face.

One of the latest and most sought after treatment is Elite Ultra 360. It is the only treatment that delivers 360° both focused, continuous monopolar radio-frequency technology and microvibration energy at the same time to precisely target, tighten and tone your loose skin tissue for an inside-out firming effect.

Legacy Facelift uses a combination of Magnetic Pulse Fields and Multi-Polar RF to deliver thermal energy deep into the skin’s tissues to stimulate natural healing response. It enhances the production of elastin fibres and collagen, rejuvenates skin and diminishes the appearance of sagging skin.

Refirme ST comes with a patented technology that combines bi-polar RF and light energy to heat the dermis layer and stimulate collagen growth. It is a safe and painless treatment with excellent results.

Scarlet Lite delivers RF directly into the dermis through micro-needle electrodes. It is used best for stimulating collagen formation in order to improve sagging skin, wrinkles and large pores.

All the treatments recommended are perfect alternatives to cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for a skin rejuvenation, face tightening treatment, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation today.