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What is Medical IPL Facetherapy?

Revive your dull, tired, pigmented skin with Medical IPL Facetherapy. This treatment uses medical grade machine that comes with exclusive elos technology which aids in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. Patients who have undergone this treatment have seen an overall skin improvement rated at 75% and patient satisfaction at 92%. The combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energies precisely and safely target pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots and age spots. The intense skin heating at the level of the dermis, breaks up the pigments and stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres, restructuring and restoring skin to a more youthful state. Pigmented imperfections from sun damage and ageing will improve after a series of treatments.

How Does It Work?

The treatment starts off with a comfortable and soothing welcome massage and a deep cleansing Vitamin C scrub to rid of any impurities. The face is covered with a thin layer of cooling gel followed by a gentle pulse of the light and radio frequency combined energy. Most patients described the sensation as a “hot pinch” or “snapping” feeling, but tolerable without any topical numbing cream.
Unlike traditional IPL machines, Prive’s Medical IPL Facetherapy treatment utilises optical light energy, which is absorbed by epidermal melanin. RF energy is driven to the deeper preheated structures, producing uniform heat at a controlled depth in the dermal layers, without injuring the epidermis. The combined elos Laser Light and RF energy results in increased thickness in the epidermis and more compact collagen bundles throughout the dermis.
With an average of 5 treatments, done repeatedly every 4-6 weeks, you can expect to see significant improvement in the following areas:
  • Sunspots, brown spots and freckles will improve anywhere from 80 to 90%
  • Fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area improve around 40 to 60%
  • Deeper wrinkles will improve anywhere from 20 to 40%

Who is it suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who is looking to improve mild pigmentation, rejuvenate the skin and restore a healthy glow to the face without the need for a laser treatment. Gradual and

Safety & Side Effects

Medical IPL Facetherapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment. The treatment has a built-in cooled tip to ensure constant skin surface protection during the treatment. There is no significant downtime and can be done over your lunch time and return to work on the same day.

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