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It’s common for people to comment that they have dry and dehydrated skin. However, when it comes to skin care, they are completely different concerns that require different treatments. Dry skin lacks oil or lipids, while dehydrated skin lacks water in the top layer of the skin. So your skin could be dehydrated, dry or both. Even oily and combination skin can be dehydrated.

Dry Skin Characteristics:
  • Feels rough
  • Appears dry
  • Can be flaky
Dehydrated Skin Characteristics:
  • Looks dull
  • Feels tight and rough
  • Sensitive
  • Shows fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin

Our skin is made up of layers of water-based cells. The top layer, includes lipids and sebum to help keep it protected. As you get older, the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture deteriorates and our moisture barrier is compromised, leaving our skin unprotected and vulnerable to irritants.

If you have a dry skin type, you should look at products or treatments that contain oil or cream-based products. If you have a dehydrated skin condition, which is commonly caused by sun exposure, ageing, incorrect skincare products use or drastic weather conditions, you should look at products or treatments that contain hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, growth factors and skin-replenishing ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid is something we all have in our bodies and is naturally produced. In dehydrated skin, hyaluronic acid with its moisture-binding humectant helps to retain moisture in the skin. The hyaluronic acid molecule can also hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. However, hyaluronic acid production declines over the years, our skin doesn’t maintain moisture as well as it used to and loses its suppleness, resulting in sagging skin and fine lines to appear. Using skin hydration products from Clinnicare range or skin hydration treatments such as CLINICCARE Hydra-Booster Facetherapy & CLINICCARE Hydra-Firm Facetherapy that contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid help to increase moisture levels in the skin and improve its elasticity as well as counter free radical damage to achieve smoother, softer and more hydrated skin.

Award-winning Prive’s exclusive cosmeceutical treatment CALECIM® Youth Restore Facetherapy contains skin-restoring proteins from CALECIM® cord lining conditioned media and is enriched with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. This conditioned media and hyaluronic acid, as well as skin-supporting collagen, fibronectin, and albumin, are effectively delivered into skin via peptides or glycoproteins in the conditioned media.

AquaShine Facetherapy and Hydra Rejuvenation Facetherapy are skin hydration treatments that involve deep penetration of active serums and growth factors to help fight free radicals and increase moisture in the skin.

At Prive, we label our full set facials as “Facetherapy”. “Therapy” is a remedial treatment of a concern/condition, usually following a diagnosis and synonymous with treatment.

Hence our doctor-designed treatments are developed to help treat your skin concerns, partnering with you into the journey of seeking long-term, safe and result-focused treatments.

Our relationship with our customer starts off with a consultation to understand your skin concerns, and recommend the appropriate result-driven treatment to treat those concerns and restore your beauty.

To know which treatment suits you best, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation today.