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Dry Dehydrated Skin - Calecim® Youth Restore Facetherapy

Eliminate signs of ageing with CALECIM® Youth Restore Facetherapy a comprehensive treatment trademarked at Privé –Kickstart with an ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment to exfoliate dead skin, then feed your skin with high concentration of stem cell conditioned media derived from cord-lining extract. The trans-epidermal formulation ensures deep penetration of patented skin-restoring proteins such as naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, fibronectin sends ‘youth messages’ directly to skin cells, stimulating them to restore and repair themselves, restoring skin to its original, youthful state.


  • Boosts skin’s natural hydration level
  • Visibly improves the appearance of skin volume and firmness
  • Restores skin’s youthful and radiant appearance

Before And After

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