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Nowadays, there are new non-surgical procedures to enhance beauty and maintain youthfulness. Whether you have loose or sagging skin, or unwanted pockets of fat, it is possible to tighten the skin and contour the body for a better look. Best of all, the latest scientific breakthroughs make it all possible without going under the knife.

A demonstration of Legacy Restore Technology The Multi-Polar RF delivers Fast, Pain Free, Homogeneous Heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing for quick and safe buildup of heat, resulting in superior clinical outcomes of tightened skin

What is Legacy Restore?

Legacy Restore is a state-of-the-art non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment, using the first and only FDA approved device to utilize 4D™ technology. The device provides safe, pain-free body contouring treatments that yield superior outcomes. It combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) and VariPulse™ technology (VP), with Real-Time Thermal Feedback.

How It Works

Legacy Restore is a body treatment that can be used to target specific body parts, such as the upper arm, abdomen, waistline, cellulite, buttocks and legs.

It tightens skin by using the Multi-Polar RF to deliver quick and safe heat to multiple tissue depths, resulting in superior results. Moreover, the Multi-Polar RF delivers fast, pain-free, homogeneous heating.

On the other hand, the applicator’s electrodes emit PEMF, a non-thermal mechanism, which enhances the skin’s tightening treatment.

Vari-Pulse addresses cellulite concerns, by using adjustable pulsed suction for deep energy penetration. It directly stimulates fibroblasts and lymphatic drainage. It also stimulates circulation, which leads to increased collagen production.

Real-Time Thermal Feedback enables constant tissue contact to produce better outcomes. It combines a hands-free thermometer with an on-screen visual feedback graph.


Legacy Restore helps to contour stubborn fat pockets to reduce upper arm bulge, while reducing volume and tightening skin for a more contoured silhouette overall.

Meanwhile, the abdomen area can be contoured and tightened for a flattened and more defined waistline. In the buttock area, Legacy Restore helps to reduce cellulite, as well as contour and lift the posterior for a more enhanced shape. In the leg area, especially the thighs, it helps to reduce the circumference and smoothen the cellulite for tighter, smoother legs.

Legacy Restore Is Suitable For:

Non-surgical Body ContouringCellulite ReductionCircumferential Reduction

Before And After

What to Expect

Typically, to achieve optimum results, you should undergo at least 6 treatment sessions. Some patients will be able to see results after just one treatment, but most patients need to go for a few sessions before the results become noticeable.

Safety & Side Effects

Legacy Restore is a non-invasive treatment. Because there is no surgery involved, there will be no downtime incurred. Patients can resume their daily activities almost immediately after the treatments.

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