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What is Inch Vanquish?

If you are one of those who have been exercising to get rid of the extra fats around your abdomen area but can’t seem to lose those stubborn pounds? You can now shape your body with Inch Vanquish, a non-invasive, safe and pain-free treatment option that helps restore confidence to women and men who has become frustrated by lingering excess fat despite working out, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.
Inch Vanquish is the only treatment in the market that is suitable to any customer regardless of their BMI. It employs a first-of-its-kind technology using a contactless panel array that creates a high-frequency Selective RF™ energy field that treats broad areas of fat deposits, cumulatively improving circumferential reduction. This next generation fat reducing device provides natural-looking results for those who want to treat the entire tummy and love handles.

How does it work?

Inch Vanquish uses the patented Selective RF™ technology, to disrupt fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. The process leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination. These cells will not regenerate and are gone for good. Comfort is the main advantage of Inch Vanquish as the entire treatment is contactless. It’s large treated area makes the treatment more affordable with more fat removed and the effects tend to be more uniform across the entire body part. You will typically feel a warm sensation in the treated area which may last for a few hours post therapy. The treatment is performed in a lying position so you can easily relax during the treatment.
In a recent study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, there was proof of clinical efficacy on 40 subjects where the average circumferential reduction was 4.93cm.

Who is it suitable for?

Inch Vanquish treatment is designed for those who want to lose tummy fats and decrease the circumference of their abdomen – regardless of their BMI. The treatment panel can be adjusted to treat the back of the waist to eliminate unwanted muffin top.
Most customers undergo 4 treatments scheduled 1 week apart, but this can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can easily return to your daily activities right after each session.

Many of our customers who have tried Inch Vanquish love it because:

  • This treatment is not limited to a BMI 30.
  • Does not leave any unevenness or lines of demarcation
  • Non-invasive and no downtime. It’s an ideal lunch time treatment
  • Features the largest spot size, covering the abdomen from flank to flank, making your treatment cost the most affordable

How many treatments are required?

Most patients undergo 4 treatments scheduled 1 week apart, but this can be customised to meet your specific needs. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes to treat the abdominal part.

What kind of results can I expect and how long do the results last?

You can expect a reduction in circumference of your abdomen. The exact reduction will depend on many factors including your lifestyle and BMI. Many of our customers’ report changes as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment when they body starts to naturally eliminate disrupted fat cells. Optimal results can be usually seen after a couple of months.
The treatment destroys the fat cells and these cells will not regenerate unless you experience a major lifestyle change.

Before And After

There are so many body contouring treatments in the market? What makes Inch Vanquish so special?

Inch Vanquish is the ONLY contactless body shaping device on the market and treats a large area with more fat removed compared to other procedures. However, it’s always best to arrange for a complimentary body analysis with our consultants who will be able to evaluate which treatment suits you best based on your lifestyle and dietary habits.


Inch Vanquish contactless technology is based on the elevation of fat temperature. Hence there is no risk of tissue freezing.