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For GOOD those who have been feasting from Christmas to the New Year, and most likely won’t be able to resist the upcoming Lo-Hei and bak kwa, you may want to start planning and looking to embrace a post festive recovery plan to ensure you don’t get more “prosperous” around the waistline. For many, attaining and maintaining a desirable weight is a balancing act that requires time, effort and determination. Tailored for the busy urbanite in mind, Privé’s 360ShapeUp Programme is an integrated weight management programme that inspires clients to higher levels of wellness by incorporating healthy habits into their existing lifestyles.

The doctor-developed regimen provides effective and easy-to-follow tools to lose weight and keep it off, through a balanced diet, coupled with exercise and safe and effective treatments designed by medi-aesthetics experts and doctors. Using advanced, clinically proven machines, the targeted programmes adopt protocols tested by medical aesthetics professionals with years of experience.

Every patient who signs up for Prive’s 360Shapeup Programme will first go through a complimentary detailed body analysis so that the consultant can understand your requirements as well as propose treatments that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

  1. Reduce fats with high-intensity focused ultrasound energy

    – Ultra Lipo Fat Reduction is a non-surgical procedure that is ideal for those with stubborn fat around your waistline. It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat.

  2. Lose belly fat with Inch Vanquish

    – a non-invasive fat removal treatment designed to destroy fat cells using heat energy through radio frequency technology. This FDA-cleared fat removal treatment eliminates stubborn fat using selective radiofrequency (RF) only targeting fat cells and not the skin or muscle resulting in a reduction of 2 to 4 inches with at least 4 to 6 treatment sessions. Inch-Vanquish is better equipped to deal with harder-to-remove fat deposits on the abdomen, flanks, upper arms and thighs.

  3. Freeze fats with Z Combi

    – the latest cryolipolysis treatment designed to destroy fat cells and tighten skin for a slimmer, sleeker figure. You watch what you eat and exercise regularly to stay in shape, but fat can sometimes be hard to shift. That’s where Z Combi targets stubborn fat in various parts of the body, including the abdomen, hips and back.

Healthy Diet: 28-day “Eat Healthy Live Beautiful Programme”

Many of our customers are busy working women trying to keep abreast of their working life and the last thing on their minds is to make a dish that requires a huge list of ingredients and preparation. Losing weight does not necessarily mean that we need to compromise on the enjoyment and taste of food. But rather, it boils down to the ingredients, the methods of preparation and the appropriate quantity.

Prive’s 28-day programme is a balanced, holistic ultra-low 500 per day-calorie diet plan delivered to your door step. Our meals are developed with nutrient-rich food based on grain/gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, legume-free and paleolithic diet. Our mission is to incorporate healthy habits into your existing lifestyle as you work towards your route to beauty perfection.

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