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Gentleman’s Facetherapy is the ultimate deep cleansing, pore purging treatment designed with the male skin in mind. With the use of a closed loop vacuum system to gently exfoliate the skin and clear out pore-magnifying debris and dead skin cells, the treatment combines a cocktail of ingredients infused into the deeper layers of the skin to balance, hydrate the skin and help alleviate shaving irritation.

Key differences between the Male and Female Skin.

  1. Men tend to have thicker dermis resulting in rougher skin and uneven skin tone caused by dead skin cells.
  2. Men have more active sebaceous glands, and therefore more pores, than women. Both their sebaceous glands and their pores are larger than those of women.
  3. Men generally experience a higher oil production in their skin due to higher testosterone levels. This would result in men’s skin being more prone to blocked pores and blackheads, creating the perfect environment for p.acnes bacteria.
Interview with 938Live, Daniel Martin (Part 1)
Interview with 938Live, Daniel Martin (Part 2)

What Men Wants In A Facial?

  • Fuss- free. In and out in 75mins
  • Deep cleansing without any painful extraction
  • Relaxing head and shoulder massage.


The treatment starts off with a comfortable and soothing welcome massage. After your face is deeply cleansed, the treatment will exfoliate dead skin cells layer by layer with the use of a closed loop vacuum system. Exfoliation preps your skin to release trapped ingrown hairs below the skin and removes dead skin cells so you can get a closer shave as well as minimise the appearance of pores. Once the impurities on the skin has been removed, through electrophoresis, active ingredients are delivered into the deeper layers of the skin, to fight free radicals and recharge your cells. End of the treatment with a soothing customised mask that lifts, tightens, refreshes and moisturises the skin, leaving you feeling clean and fresh and restoring your vitality and youth.


Gentleman’s Facetherapy is suitable for all skin types and for anyone who has the following skin concerns:
  • Clogged Pores
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Dull and uneven skin tone


Gentleman’s Facetherapy is a safe and soothing, comfortable treatment. Designed with the male customer in mind, this treatment is painless yet effective. You can return to your gym activities and run your day business as usual.