5 steps treatment to getting an even skin-tone in 1 session


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Laser White Facetherapy is Prive’s signature treatment that rids skin of stubborn pigmentation, brown spots and acne marks via five-step system.

Featuring Alpha-Litamin, a Nobel Prize discovery that has 100 times stronger antioxidant efficacy than vitamin C, plus a variety of other lightening actives that work together, the benefits are an overall clearer and brighter complexion.

5 steps of Laser White Facetherapy

Step 1 – Maxi-Fruit Peel: Activate bio-renewal of the epidermis with brightening fruit exfoliant to disperse existing pigment spots.Step 2a – Alpha-Litamin Vitamin C Powder: Delivers immediate antioxidant benefits and neutralizes age-accelerating free radicalsStep 2b – Alpha-Litamin Brightening Complex: Brightens skin and treats uneven pigmentation, photo-damaged skin and prevents formation of age spots and regulates skin tone.Step 3 – Soothing NeuroEssence: Rebalances, calms and provides hydrating benefits with optimal delivery of actives deep into skin.Step 4 – First Layer Lumi Enzyme Mask: Designed to penetrate deep into skin to lighten and balance skin tone for highly refined, delicate skin.Step 5 – Second Layer White Cream Mousse Mask: Rich formula provides concentrated nourishment, hydration and lightening agents for a completely revitalized complexion.

And the best part is this quick and effective treatment that rejuvenates your skin, takes only as much time as a lunch break, making it a well -loved option for busy individuals.

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