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Skin Tightening - Legacy Facelift

SMOOTH OUT AND TIGHTEN SKIN WITH LEGACY FACELIFT - a leading edge radiofrequency aesthetic treatment that tightens your saggy skin without any needles.

Legacy Facelift combines the revolutionary VariPulse™ technology with MP2 technology, allowing for deeper penetration into your skin to stimulate collagen, increases blood circulation, hence tightening your skin and reducing the appearance of your wrinkles.

A demonstration of Legacy Facelift Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many treatments will I have to go for?
    For optimal results, you will need to go for a minimum of 10 treatment sessions.
  • When can I start seeing visible results?
    Depending on the individual, you may start to see visible results after your first treatment. However, most customers only see visible results, after they have gone through a substantial number of treatment sessions.
  • Are there any side effects or downtime?
    Legacy Facelift is a non-invasive treatment that does not have any downtime. This means you can resume with your daily activities immediately after your treatment session.

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