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Zcombi is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that combines Zlipo and Zwave for fat reduction and cellulite therapy. Zcombi has shown to be more effective than any other current fat reduction techniques in the market and results have been scientifically-proven that a 30% reduction in fat can be achieved in just a single session.

ZLipo targets the subcutaneous fat layer – the layer that lies just under the skin – and cools them down to -10°C in a controlled manner. As the machine is switched on, a strong vacuum effect pulls excess flab into the suction, destroying fat deposit over a period of 60 minutes without damaging the surrounding nerves, tissues and skin surface. Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through the body’s lymphatic system over the next 10-12 weeks. The results are long-lasting and will be noticeable 3 – 5 weeks post-treatment.

Zwave, which utilises radial shockwave therapy, generates a mechanical pressure wave that radiates from the skin to tissue. It is an effective treatment against cellulite and for skin tightening to render skin smoother, more youthful-looking and firmer.

ZCombi is suitable for:

  • belly
  • hips
  • waist
  • back
  • male chest fat
  • thighs (inside and outside)
  • flabby arms
  • buttocks

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the treatment painful?
    The process is a virtually pain-free. There may be a slight feeling of discomfort in the first few minutes of treatment as you begin to feel the suction of the applicators. However, it is completely harmless and only lasts a few minutes. To avoid damage to the skin, a special gel pad is placed over the area during treatment.
  • What are the potential side effects?
    Treatment requires no downtime and boasts none of the traditional risks or side effects of liposuction and its counterparts. There may be some redness or slight tenderness of the treated area in the days following treatment. Some patients report a sensation that resembles normal muscle soreness.
  • Suitable Candidates
    Zlipo requires good patient selection and accurate diagnostic evaluation. It is not suitable for extremely obese people. In addition, the fat must be elastic in the area to be treated. Zwave produces the best results on lax skin that requires toning.

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