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Student Package

More than 75% of teenagers in Singapore develop acne.

Teens’ hormonal surge during puberty causes acne to erupt. It results from the overproduction of the body’s oil called sebum, inflammation of clogged pores by bacteria and abnormal shedding of dead skin cells. Acne in teenagers tends to occur on the T-zone – the area sweeping from the forehead down to the chin and cheeks.

At Privé, we help you to clear out acne without any hassle with Crystal Clear Purifying Facetherapy, Dual Light Facetherapy or Omega Light Purifying Facetherapy.

Crystal Clear Purifying Facetherapy @ $106 (incl GST)
Dual Light Facetherapy @ $106 (incl GST)
Omega Light Purifying Facetherapy @ $116 (incl GST)

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