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Privé Packages

Cabin Crew Package

We know it must be really flying around. Your skin deteriorates due to dry in-flight cabin air, severe dry-eye syndrome, fatigue due to harsh cabin conditions and irregular meal and sleeping times, make you feel that ...

Bridal Package

Brides-to-be are on the constant lookout for effective and safe aesthetics treatments that would have you looking absolutely gorgeous on your Big Day. Using only medical-grade products and clinically-proven machines..

Student Package

Teens' hormonal surge during puberty causes acne to erupt. It results from the overproduction of body's oil called sebum, inflammation of clogged pores by bacteria and abnormal shedding of dead skin cells. Acne in...

Post-Natal Package

Pregnancy and motherhood often exert a significant physical toll on women. In fact 99% of mothers have at least one or more body areas of concern.
The most common problem are that 67% of mothers agree..

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